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Last September we put together an interface between a Wii balance board and moving head lighting projectors and I am finally getting around to posting it. Below is a video of our proof of concept, we ended up controlling 9 Martin Mac 250’s at the 2009 Grey Cup Street Festival.


During the Olympics, Eos designers Douglas Welch and Shaun August met with LIVEDESIGN magazine to talk about the lighting projects they had done around Vancouver. LIVEDESIGN is a magazine focused on the behind-the-scenes work of the entertainment industry. Check out the link below to see the video interview as well as LIVEDESIGN’s blog.

Video Interview

Alberta HouseBreak out the cowboy hat and get your boots on! The Alberta House is bringing the Country to the City. Located on the corner of Robson and Beatty Street, Alberta House is a party you don’t want to miss. Nightly bands, great beers, and lots of belt buckles, the outdoor patio is the place to be to get a taste of the country. The Eos team designed the exterior LED wall that was embedded into the cedar slats, creating a great architectural lighting feature. The LED’s change slowly creating a gentle sense of dynamic architecture, and drawing attention from the thousands of pedestrians on the street. Envisioned by our friends at BrandLIVE, the Alberta House is must see during the 2010 Olympics Games in Vancouver.

The prestigious Queen Elizabeth Theatre received a royal lighting makeover, courtesy of Eos Lightmedia’s Principal, Douglas Welch. Opened in time for the 2010 Olympics, 1959 built theatre received a full architectural renovation of the interior and exterior spaces. Douglas Welch envisioned a bright and modern lighting look that would be inviting from both inside and outside the theatre. The custom built pendants suspended in the astounding lobby are locally made from natural sea-shells, a nod to both the building’s original luminaires and its coastal location.

On the exterior, the unsightly concrete fly-loft lies no more in a dark shadow but is transformed with colour changing LED lighting fixtures, a wonderful colour complement to the buildings white glow. In the heart of Vancouver, an old gem has been polished off and returned to her former glory. For more pictures visit our flickr page here.

Additional Lighting Design by Jennifer Stanley and Ellie Niakan of Proscenium Architecture + Interiors.

The Vancouver 2010 Olympics have officially started and Vancouver is roaring to go. VANOC, host cities, the federal government, pavilions, businesses and private residences have all adopted lighting as major component of the celebration. VANOC’s CODE Live program acknowledges the importance of lighting in projects such as Vectorial Elevation in English Bay. The Province is using lighting to help Ignite the Dream at Robson Square, many of the projects in the City of Vancouver’s Olympic and Paralympic Public Art Program incorporate lighting and the Yaletown BIA’s Made in Vancouver Festival features light artists. The Canadian Olympic Committee has encouraged all citizens to Paint the Town Red.

The Eos team has created a Google Map to showcase all the great lighting projects around Vancouver. You can check out the 2010 Lights Up Google Map here. As you explore the projects and take pictures, upload them to our Eos Flickr Group to show them off to the world!

Federal Office Tower

Originally uploaded by Eos Lightmedia

Kitty-corner to the Downtown Vancouver LiveSite for the Olympic games, the Federal Office Tower received a beautiful lighting treatment to enhance its iconic architecture and participate in the festive theme. Powerful LED lighting fixtures were used to graze the architectural channels of the building, given the appearance that parts of it are floating in mid air. The Eos team designed and programmed this project in time for the Opening Ceremonies.

The Eos team has officially won a public art competition for OCT Transpo Articulated Bus Garage in Ottawa, Ontario. As the main staging grounds for the cities buses, the front wall of the bus garage will have LED lighting fixtures embedded into it. Titled “TRANSPOtting” the colourful motion of the LED’s will reflect the buses movement throughout the city. As the amount of buses increases during the busy times of the day, the motion of the lights will playfully reflect this, ultimately dimming down as the buses return to the garage in the evening. The Eos team will design, supply, program, and install this project for the City of Ottawa.

For more information, check out the cities website here.

Whistler Lighting

Originally uploaded by Eos Lightmedia

After nearly a year of planning and design, the Whistler Village Festive lighting program is unveiled. Previously, the program focused specifically on lighting up the villages trees, but the Eos team took the village to the next level by highlighting key architecture and artistic features, including the famous Old Bridge and the now iced-over village creek.

Eos worked with the Resort Municipality of Whistler to create a long-term lighting strategy for the village to follow. At the top of the priority list was Whistlers 2020 Sustainability Program, which the Eos team was able to contribute to by the utilizing energy efficient LED technology. Additionally, the control system for the lighting fixtures is very user friendly, reducing the amount of programming and maintenance time required to update the different looks. Click to image to see more photos from our flickr page…


Originally uploaded by Eos Lightmedia

Last night the final piece of the Richmond Oval puzzle turned on, the #2 Bridge. Directly across from the Olympic Oval, the bridge can change any color and is lit with only 4 lights! The Martin Exterior 1200 was used to provide a flexible solution will minimal installation requirements. The #2 Bridge is also next to the Vancouver International Airport which required the lighting to follow strict guidelines as to how they were focused.

The bridge lighting was designed and installed by the City of Richmond working with the team at LIGHTWORKS who supplied the equipment, commmisioned and programmed the shows.

The River Green Centre gets an LED treatment to enhance it’s good looks right next to the Olympic Oval. A custom designed graphic and shade system was used to reflect the Olympic colors. The back lit LED fixtures create a dynamic feel to the graphics as they shift from blues to greens. A stunning building that’s part 2 of the festive environment. Tomorrow, part 3 will be launched: the lighting of the #2 bridge…

River Green Centre – blue

Originally uploaded by Eos Lightmedia